Cognitive Neuroscience Technologies for Research and Communication



The main advantage of cognitive neuroscience technologies is that intercultural barriers and communication are eliminated because the inter-behavior or the way the brain works is the same in the world.

Contributions of neuroscientific methods in research are considerable, because the benefits of physiological measurements have many advantages. For example, self-evaluation methods commonly used in marketing research to improve communication are entirely based on respondents ability and willingness to accurately relate their attitudes and behaviors. On the other hand, physiological responses can be collected when respondents are exposed directly to messages or participate directly in consumer behavior and can be hardly controlled by them. Although there are individual differences between physiological responses, it seems that variations in social situations and stimuli have a strong effect on individuals.

Neuroimaging techniques most commonly used in neuromarketing are taken from medicine: electroencephalography, functional nuclear magnetic resonance, galvanometer, magnetoelectroencephalography, eye-tracking equipment.